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The Manorlands Project (Winter) - White Vinyl

The Manorlands Project (Winter) - White Vinyl

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Discover the sound of The Manorlands Project, a band of 3 best friends who took a musical expedition to the highest peak and brought back tales of the wintery world with their album "Winter".

Joel, Rob, and Ryan locked themselves in a cabin up at Manorlands in the Uinta mountains for a week and a half to record a full length album back in 2013. This record features a mix of new original songs, reimagined Broke City songs, and some old Broke City material that never saw the light of day. It was all recorded inside a cabin over a stretch of 10 days.

They even documented the whole thing and released an hour-long video detailing the whole experience:

This white vinyl is limited to 250 copies, and will bring the chill of their journey into your home.

Track listing:

Side A

  • Cabin Fever
  • Three Steps
  • Everyone Dances
  • On Strike

Side B

  • Zombie Flies
  • Don't Look Back
  • One Last Time
  • Dirty Little Secrets
  • Snowed In
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